Pottenger’s Cats

Back in the 1930′s, Dr. Francis Pottenger set up a clever experiment with cats to prove the importance of nutrition and the effect it had on subsequent generations.  He took two groups of kittens one of which was fed nutritious “cat chow” (high protein, raw food, raw milk).  The second group was fed pretty much the same food, only cooked.   He then followed these two groups transgenerationally.

Pottenger was interested in finding out about the effect heat would have on the food the cats were eating.  Back then, they hadn’t yet coined the term vitamins and the factors that were suspected to be in food were called “activators”.  Dr. Pottenger wanted to know if the act of cooking the food made changes to these activators or made these foods less nutritious.  What is now known is that cats can’t synthesize the amino-acid Taurine which they need.  Since heat destroys Taurine, cats can become severely deficient if fed solely cooked food.

The results of his experiment were astounding.  The first generation of kittens from both groups didn’t start to show differences until they got older with the cooked food group beginning to show signs of degenerative diseases.  

The second generation of kittens from the cooked food group began to develop degenerative disease earlier in their lives at around middle age.  The third generation was really a mess!  In this group problems started to show up early and even at birth, with some of the kittens being born blind.  The last generation for the cooked food group was the fourth as they were unable to reproduce thereafter. 

Pottenger continued to follow the raw food group for ten generations in which he observed the kittens thriving and no apparent diseases becoming evident in subsequent generations.

If you are a woman (or man) of reproductive age, please realize that your nutrition will affect generations of your descendants.  Poor nutrition (i.e. high in carbs, processed foods, trans-fats, canned sodas, fast foods, etc…) will, not only have a significant impact on your health, but on the health of all who follow life through you!