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Now integrating NutriGenomics for maximum impact on health!

Now offering NutriGenomic services according to your specific genetic make up!  23 and Me has the best prices on Genetic Testing. PHC provides counseling and individualized nutritional guidance according to your genotype. Per the work of Dr. Amy Yasko.  

23andMe offers Genetic testing for only $99!  I can analyze the raw data they provide and give you a detailed report on your genetic makeup and what do do about it - PREVENTION is key!  It's easy - you order using the link below, they send you your kit, you collect your saliva and return it postage paid, and in 3-4 weeks you have your results.

Nutrigenomics is a branch of nutritional genomics and is the study of the effects of foods and food constituents on gene expression. This means that nutrigenomics is research focusing on identifying and understanding molecular-level interaction between nutrients and other dietary bioactives with the genome.

Nutrigenomics has also been described by the influence of genetic variation on nutrition, by correlating gene expression or SNPs with a nutrient's absorption, metabolism, elimination or biological effects. By doing so, nutrigenomics aims to develop rational means to optimise nutrition with respect to the subject's genotype.

By determining the mechanism of the effects of nutrients or the effects of a nutritional regime, nutrigenomics tries to define the causality|relationship between these specific nutrients and specific nutrient regimes (diets) on human health.

Nutrigenomics has been associated with the idea of personalized nutrition based on genotype. While there is hope that nutrigenomics will ultimately enable such personalised dietary advice, it is a science still in its infancy and its contribution to public health over the next decade is thought to be major.